Infant Daycare Curriculum, Madison

Infant Care in Kids Junction PreschoolInfants are active participants in selecting their curriculum and initiating their activities. We strive to fulfill the needs of the five major developmental areas through the infant’s everyday routines and experiences. These experiences should enhance the infant’s physical, emotional, social, cognitive and perceptual skill development.

Wisconsin Model Early Learning Standards (WMELS) – WMELS provides us with developmental continuums from which we can create individual goals for the children to help us assess their age-appropriate and milestone development.

Assessments & Parent Conferences – We believe that assessing individual progress is the key to planning programs that respond to the needs, interests and abilities of children in any classroom. With ongoing assessment, our teachers can focus on all aspects of a child’s development. At the beginning of the school year curriculum goals and objectives are set in place and throughout the school-year we collect and document pictures and skill levels for each child. In the fall and spring we provide conferences for parents to meet with their child’s teacher and review their child’s progress.

Play Based Learning – Kids Junction Learning Center places a priority on giving children several opportunities for play during the day. Play is central to children’s healthy development and learning during the preschool years.

Character First – Twelve character qualities are introduced to the children throughout the course of the year. Each quality is combined with an animal and is enhanced with stories, songs and reminders throughout each day to lay the foundation of good character development.

Frog Street – Frog Street Infant is a curriculum designed for children up to 18 months of age. This curriculum allows teachers to assess the skills and plan activities of each individual child in the area of the five developmental and WMELS domains: cognitive, language, physical, social and emotional and creativity. The skills and activities are posted in the classroom for all teachers to be able to interact individually with each child and to allow the parents to see what the children are working on at school and continue to work on those skills at home.

Language and Literacy – Through storytelling, finger plays, sign language, songs and infant/teacher interactions, children will begin to develop their language skills through repetition and conversation. These are crucial tools to give children the opportunity to express themselves.

Numbers and Math – Counting and number recognition are integrated throughout our learning experiences. We use a variety of materials to teach the early concepts of math such as sorting, in and out, patterns, shapes and more.

The World Around Us (Science and Discovery) – Kids Junction Science is taught through observation and hands-on activities. We bring nature into the classroom and explore it outdoors. Children discover texture, and explore with their five senses.

Social Studies – The scope and sequence contains themes such as All About Me and My Family as well as Christmas around the World in which we talk about the traditions and cultures of the families in our classroom and center. In every classroom you will find a dramatic play area, books, pictures, toys, and other materials that show diversity that represents varying ages, abilities, races, genders and cultures.

Music and Movement – Music and movement take place throughout the day. It is an integral part of transitions, free play and storytelling. It enhances language development, rhyming, and hand-eye coordination.

Music (special) – In addition to the daily musical activities the teachers do in the classroom, a music teacher comes into the room once a week and works on musical concepts with the kids at their level. She sits with them on her lap and allows them to explore musical instruments such as bells and shakers. Musical tones and the introduction of simple instruments bring a smile to every child as they create their own music.

Crafts – Crafts are hands-on activities that expand imaginations and exercises creativity. They are incorporated on a weekly basis into the classroom lesson plan. Children learn that all of their creations are works of beauty.

Programs and Special Events – Kids Junction Learning Center loves to showcase our children. We have two performance every school year, one at Christmas and one in the spring. There are also other classroom events to participate in such as Grandparents/Family Week, holiday parties etc. In addition, our classrooms are always open to parents for a classroom visit, storytelling or sharing a family tradition.

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Kids Junction feels like an extension of our family. It has been a blessing and a privilege to entrust our kids in their care. We truly are so thankful for all the kindness our girls and we have received, the staff is so incredible and has brought so many smiles to our girls faces.

- Diana

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