Non School Days

Our After School Adventure Club is OPEN on non-school days!

On days when your child has no school, we are always open from 7:00 am to 5:45 pm, including Christmas and spring breaks. These days are filled with additional themed enrichment classes and sporting events. We will also take field trips to local area attractions for an additional fee. The fun doesn’t stop just because regular school is closed!

We are also open if your school is closed due to severe weather conditions or a snow day.



10/16 MCPASD In-House Fun
10/20 MMSD, SMG Schuster’s Farm
10/26 MCPASD Schuster’s Farm
10/27 MCPASD Vitense Golfland
10/31 MMSD Early Dismissal (10:40) In-House Fun
11/3 MMSD Ten Pin Alley
11/10 SMG In-House Fun
11/13 MCPASD In-House Fun
11/22 All Schools Ultrazone Lazer Tag
11/23-11/24 KJ Closed
12/20 MMSD PlayN Wisconsin
12/21 MMSD In House Fun!
12/22-11/26 KJ Closed
12/27 All Schools Ten Pin Alley
12/28 All Schools Marcus Theatre
12/29 All Schools In House Fun!
1/1 KJ Closed
1/2 All Schools Rocky Rococo
1/15 KJ Closed
1/19 MCPASD Chuck E Cheese
1/22 MCPASD In-house fun
1/26 MMSD, SMG Chuck E Cheese
2/16 MMSD Rocky Rococo
2/19 MCPASD In-House Fun
2/20 MCPASD Vitense Golfland
2/23 SMG In-House Fun
3/11 MCPASD In-House Fun
3/25 MCPASD, MMSD Chuck E Cheese
3/26 MCPASD, MMSD PlayN Wisconsin
3/27 MCPASD, MMSD Henry Vilas Zoo
3/28 MCPASD, MMSD Marcus Theatre
3/29 All Schools Park
4/1 SMG In-House Fun
4/2 SMG In-House Fun
4/3 SMG In-House Fun
4/4 SMG In-House Fun
4/5 SMG In-House Fun
4/8 MMSD Early Dismissal (10:40) In-House Fun
4/12 MMSD Rocky Rococo
4/15 MMSD Ten Pin Alley
4/22 MCPASD In-House Fun
4/26 SMG In-House Fun
5/24 MMSD Local Park
5/27 KJ Closed


Example non-school day schedule:


7:00-8:45 am Breakfast &
9-11:30 am Mini Golf @ Vitense
11:45-12:45 pm Lunch
1-1:50 pm Themed Enrichment
2-2:50 pm Snack & Stations
3:3:50 pm Character Time
4-4:50 pm Team Sports
5-5:45 pm Stations

Please contact us for information about the 2023-2024 school year! 

Latest Happenings

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Closed Memorial Day,  Monday, May 27th, 2024

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Kids Junction feels like an extension of our family. It has been a blessing and a privilege to entrust our kids in their care. We truly are so thankful for all the kindness our girls and we have received, the staff is so incredible and has brought so many smiles to our girls faces.

- Diana

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