Infant Schedule

Arrival TimeInfant2_0

This is the time for the parent and teacher to help the infant make the transition from parent to teacher. It is also a good time to discuss the infant’s night before, any concerns, and for the parent to write down any special information the teacher should be aware of.


Each child naps according to their own personal schedule. Times are recorded to let the parents know how long and at what time their child slept.


Very young infants may eat every 2 to 4 hours. It is the teacher’s responsibility to know each individual schedule as well as their physical and oral signals to feed them before they cry. The time of feedings, along with the amount of milk, formula, and food will be recorded. We hold the infants while feeding a bottle as it is a special time to nurture their physical, social, cognitive, and language development. Nutritional needs change as chil-dren develop. Solid foods are gradually introduced when the parent and teacher deter-mine the child is ready.


Infants diapers are checked after the child has been fed and periodically during the child’s awake time. Each child is checked and/or changed every two hours. Diaper changing provides one on one time with each child and is a good time to talk and sing to the infant, creating a positive feeling and connection with each child.

Preschool Time

Between sleeping and eating, each infant will spend time during each day playing and learning with his or her teacher to continue to nurture their physical, social, cognitive, and language development. Interactive times and playing alone times are alternated according to the child’s interest and energy levels. There are at least two opportunities a day for the children to be outside or go for walks in the strollers. Music and movement is also used throughout the day.

End of the Day

This is an important time to share with each parent about their child’s day. This is also a time for the infant to transition from teacher to parent.

Daily Schedule

6:00-8:30am:Arrival and Breakfast
8:30-10:30am:Morning Naps, Stroller and Gross Motor
10:30am-12:30pm: Lunch and Sensory

  •  Music and Movement
  •  Craft Project
  •  Texture Exploration
  •  Fine Motor
12:30-2:30pm:Nap and Story Time
2:30-3:30pm: Stroller and Gross Motor
3:30-4:00pm: Discovery Play

  •  Social and Emotional Activity
  •  Cognitive and General Knowledge Activity
  •  Language and Communication Activity
4:00-6:00pm: Closing Activities

  •  Free Play
  •  Communicating with Parents
  • Snack
  •  Transition to Closing Rooms

*Schedule is subject to change based on the need of the children.

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Kids Junction has excellent infant and toddler care and I Love the teachers. My sons communication skills improved noticeably in his first week. I love the pictures and videos sent to us through the day. They really care and are very attentive. Comparable in price if not less expensive and than other facilities and the quality…

- Julia

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